About Evolution RPA

UAV Aerial Photography

Evolution RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft) is an innovative and dynamic Tasmanian owned company offering Remote Piloted Aircraft services.

Evolution RPA are fully approved by CASA for UAV operations holding a UAS Operator Certificate CASA.UOC.0103 and a UAV Contollers Certificate for UAV’s up to 20kg.

Evolution RPA is fully insured with $20M public liability insurance and we adhere to strict safety procedures to undertake our RPA operations.

We believe in continual innovation and progressive development of RPA technology to deliver benefits to all industry sectors. Our RPA Operator is a qualified civil engineer who can collaborate with you to develop custom solutions to meet your needs. Aerial video and photography packages start at $300.00 depending on location. Contact us today so we can help you to:

  • Sell your property, maximise your advertising impact and attract more buyers;
  • Monitor your crops and optimise your operations using real time data;
  • Promote your tourism or community events;
  • Survey your land and monitor your environment;
  • Record your wedding with unique photography and video production; and
  • Design and manufacture custom RPA’s to meet your project requirements.


Our Equipment

Evolution RPA operates state-of-the-art drones including a DJI Inpsire 1 Professional, DJI Inspire 1,  & Phantom 3 professional for stunning cinema quality aerial video and superb high quality photos  Our Drones are equipped with the following features:

  • Video down links which enable the operator to see exactly what the camera is capturing in clear high resolution.
  • Dual Operator setups which allow for smooth professional camera control.
  • Autopilot systems which enable completion of autonomous surveying missions.
  • Advanced safety systems and gps tracking systems which protect drones from exceeding safe operating limits.


Customer Testimonials

I was looking for something different to use as advertising for my property at Riana. Finding Adam was the best thing that could happen to the real estate industry in this area. His professionalism and expertise together with a “can do” attitude resulted in the production of a quality aerial video that has surprised and excited viewers. I have received many compliments of my property website with particular mention of the video component. I will be using Adam again as I explore a tourism venture that begs for a this type of production to accompany and highlight its many features. I wish Adam all the best and would have no hesitation in recommending his service to any prospective client. Kevin Brown

Owner, Gleneagle Gardens

A high quality product that can only be produced by a committed and innovative team. Brendan Hewitt